Our Team

Callum Sutherland (Founder, President and Creative Director // Personal Website: callumsutherland.com // Contact: callum.cj.sutherland@gmail.com)

Callum Sutherland is an aspiring science and technology studies academic who hails from Toronto, Canada. In his early 20s, Callum came across Carl Sagan’s brilliant PBS television series Cosmos. While its graphics and presentation came across as dated, the message resonated deeply with Callum. Over the course of a few days, with his eyeballs glued to the television screen, Callum enjoyed every minute of the 13-episode series, and immediately started watching it again.  Carl Sagan’s clear and concise manner of conveying truly complex scientific principles dazzled him.  Science had just become accessible to him in a way he had never thought possible.

Unbeknownst to him at the time, Callum’s life was changed irrevocably the moment that first episode began and Vangelis’ theme-music blared through the speakers. Carl Sagan’s strange halting method of speaking had Callum in a trance as he learned astonishing facts about the universe and our place in it – facts that had proved evasive in his life up to that point. From that day forward, Callum committed himself to, for lack of a better term, evangelize science and the scientific method as our best tool in the search for truth, and as our best bet to improve life for everyone and everything on our obscure planetary home.

In addition to founding Milky Way Musings, Callum acts as the organization’s Creative Director and Campaign Manager. Callum maintains the milkywaymusings.com and its corresponding YouTube channel and Facebook page; plans, creates, produces and executes video content; organizes related campaigns; and facilitates lectures and workshops on science to children.

Marko Pandza (Sound Design, Composer // Personal website: markopandza.com)

Marko Pandza is a professional writer and amateur musician from Toronto, Canada. Marko works closely with Callum throughout the video-content production process. Most notably, Marko writes and performs original soundtracks for most of the videos created by Milky Way Musings.

Toby Sutherland (Visual Effects // Personal website: bookerdesign.ca)

Toby Sutherland is a graphic designer from Toronto, Canada. Toby has worked closely with Callum on a number of videos in generating original graphics and updating old graphics and CGI. Most notably, Toby created the “tractor beam” sequence used in the 16th installment of the Carl Sagan Tribute Series, Traveller’s Tales. Toby also designed the Spaceship of the Imagination sequence from the 6th installment of the series, The Edge of Forever; and the extraterrestrial planet featured in Imagination and First Contact, the 21st and 23rd installments of the Carl Sagan Tribute Series.

Raphael Perrino (Content Contributor // Personal website: rperrino.com)

Raphael Perrino is a technical communicator from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Raphael holds an M.S. degree in Technical and Scientific Communication from James Madison University. Outside of his professional life, Raphael is a passionate and influential advocate for science education, literacy, and funding. Raphael’s tireless outreach work helped ensure the continued survival of Arlington’s David M. Brown Planetarium; and his community organizing helped secure funding for the James Webb Space Telescope. Milky Way Musings proudly welcomed Raphael to the family in January 2012 as a content contributor. 

Devon Lasher (Content Contributor)

Devon Lasher hails from Ajax, Ontario, and is currently finishing up an undergraduate degree in criminology at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Devon enthusiastically offered his help to Milky Way Musings in January of 2012. We are proud to have Devon on board as our newest content contributor.

Reid Gower (Content Contributor // Personal Website: saganseries.com

Reid Gower of Victoria, British Columbia is the creator of The Sagan Series and an advocate for scientific literacy. Reid is also an international public speaker, including having delivered the keynote address at TEDx Vancouver in 2011. Reid is outspoken about planetary issues and argues that we must have a scientifically literate general population in order to safely advance into a technologically-sophisticated democratic civilization. Reid hopes to contribute to Milky Way Musings with material that reflects on our planet, our society, and our species.

Brandon Fibbs (Content Contributor // Personal website: brandonfibbs.com)

For Brandon Fibbs, science is a comparatively recent passion. Raised in a devout religious household, science was something to be distrusted and its spokespersons, such as Carl Sagan, were personalities of mockery and ridicule. It was only after a personal sea change, that Brandon now credits science with saving his soul and igniting an unquenchable appetite for discovering how the world works and sharing that majestic story with others. Brandon, who has a BA in English Literature from the University of Colorado and an MA in Cinema Studies from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, enjoys his rather eclectic resume, having spent time as everything from a seminarian, Capitol Hill intern, Navy aircrewman, public relations shark and professional film critic. While he’s called Colorado, Sicily, New York City and Washington, D.C. home, he now hangs his hat in Hollywood, where he’s helping reboot the beloved Carl Sagan television classic, “Cosmos,” as well as writing and editing scientific material.

Kenley Kristofferson (Composer, Content Contributor // Personal website: kenleykristofferson.com)

Kenley Kristofferson is a composer, writer, teacher and voice actor from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. As a fan of the Carl Sagan Tribute Series, Kenley reached out to Milky Way Musings to collaborate on the video production of his Carl Sagan-themed three-movement choral suite, “Cosmos”. Kenley spearheaded the production of his musical masterpiece and worked closely alongside Callum to turn Cosmos into a true multimedia experience.